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Preference Care Best company ever

Preference care is a leading nursing agency in Qatar which aims at providing healthcare and support to individuals, families and communities in Qatar.

Our team of experts comprises of licensed competent nurses and caregivers ready to satisfy our patients medical needs.

  • Patient-centered care

  • State of the art medical services

  • Multi-disciplinary care

  • Service booking is quick and easy

  • Versatile contracts

  • Professional nursing specialists

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Home Care Nursing

Mother & New Born Care

Mother and new born care is used in the first months of life to help make sure infants grow and meet milestones and the mothers are well supported.

Prenatal care

Nursing care for expecting mothers can help them maintain a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby especially in the case of high risk pregnancies.

Elderly Care

Many seniors choose to age in place. Home nurses make this pfeasible by providing them with their medical needs in the confort of their homes

Diabetic care

Nursing care for patients with diabetes include effective treatment to normalize blood glucose levels and decrease complications using insulin replacements and education.

Dialysis care

The nurses responsabilities iclude checking the patients' vital signs, teaching them about their diseases and its treatment, monitoring their weight, their diet and enhance their quality of life.

Wound care

Following a surgery or an accident, your nurse will examine your wound, sterilize it, provide the treatment ordered by your doctor and monitor its improvement.

Special needs care

Improving or maintaining a person's physical and mental health. Reducing barriers to them living an independent life. Supporting the person in living in a fulfilling life.

Travel care

Travel care consists of caring for patients while they are traveling to ensure monitoring and maintaining their health status. This include medical and other types of travel.

Post operation care

Postoperative care promotes the client's recovery after surgery by managing pain, supporting oxynegation and cardiovascular stability and monitoring his general wellbeing to avoid complications.

Psychiatry care

It involves assessment of psychopathology and interventions that include educating patients regarding medications and coping skills that assist them to remain in the community.

Dental care

The dental nurse assesses the oral mucosa and decide in subsequent methods of oral hygiene. She also monitors the general health of the patient after dental surgeries and refers to specialists if needed.

Dermatology care

Dermatology nurses can provide care for patients with conditions such as psoriasis or acne by maintaining or improving their health status and can also work with wound care and burn victims.

Staff Nursing

Hospitals Nurses

Our nurses provide patient-centered care with excellence in quality, services and access to healthcare in all medical fields.

School Nurses

We perform evaluations, administer medications and teach students about health. We also provide treatments such as infusing therapy.

Hotel & Malls Nurses

We provide medical assistance sycg as furst aud to individuals and employees experiencing medical emergencies.

Construction Nurses

We specialize in assessing health and safety in tge workplace and provide medical aid to employees who are injured on duty.

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